3D Solution

3D Solution

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is the process of analyzing a finished product to understand how it was made. Once all of the individual parts and processes that make up the product are understood, they can be reproduced using less expensive methods.

Our industrial 3D scanners can help create 3D drawings of various aircraft components with intricate details and complex geometric features as part of the 3D engineering process. They enable users to obtain data from finished parts for further design and updates when the original drawings aren’t available.

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3D Printing

3D printing are widely applied in aspects of prototyping to the production of end-use parts in aerospace industry. It could be used to improve and streamline aerospace manufacturing. Product designers and engineers use Scantech’s 3D laser scanners to scan small-to-large-scale objects to create precise and printable 3D models. Users easily capture the geometric features of objects with intricate details to streamlines the complicated 3D reconstruction process.

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3D Inspection

Quality assurance in the aerospace industry is essential to ensure flight safety, which refers to the process of supervising the equipment and systems to meet the standard requirements and compliance regulations in the aerospace sector. Failure of quality control can lead to severe consequences. When it comes to scanning for inspection of manufactured pars, Scantech’s handheld and portable 3D scanners bring security by precisely and efficiently capturing the data of parts. Manufacturers can compare the point clouds against the original CAD model to determine deviations to obtain benefits of higher efficiency, reduced costs, and shorter cycle time.

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3D Visualization

3D visualization displays real-world objects in 3D digitized form, allowing physical objects to be truly appeared on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

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Product Development

Product development is the process of transforming a design concept into a real production. Intense competitions in the air transport market has been putting pressure on the manufacturers to build new aircraft models. Scantech delivers efficient and accurate handheld 3D scanners to help product development engineers obtain 3D data of the products and parts quickly. We strive to help designers and manufacturers to keep up with evolving market trends and accelerate product time-to-market.

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Automated 3D Measurement

Automated 3D measurement can largely replace much of the tedious work of manual inspections, an automatic system can reduce errors to a great extent. We offer automated 3D systems featured by high-precision 3D scanners and flexible robotic arms, which can measure up to hundreds of parts a day. It is utilized to ensure fast and high-volume inspection and feedback generation for optimizing manufacturing of aircraft components.

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