TViewer Optical 3D Scanning Software

TViewer is professional 3D software designed by Scantech to power its optical 3D measurement system TrackScan series. Thanks to its advanced image processing algorithm, it can efficiently, accurately, and conveniently capture 3D data, greatly enhancing work efficiency.

TViewer supports different methods to reposition, which makes it suitable to scan large-scale parts or measure in harsh conditions. It also has multiple modules including dimension measurement, GD&T analysis, and hole inspection. TViewer offers efficient and easy 3D solutions for users to navigate product development, manufacturing, and inspection with ease.

Accurate and efficient data collection

TViewer allows TrackScan to capture high-precision 3D data efficiently, and presents scanning data in real time for monitoring scanning processes.

Accurate And Efficient 3D Data Collection

Multiple reposition methods for flexible measurement

TViewer offers multiple reposition methods such as coordinate conversion, dynamic tracking, and super reposition. Whether measuring large-sized parts or working in harsh conditions such as vibration environments, it can help deliver precise and stable data when the position between the part and tracker changes.

For large-sized parts

For large-sized parts

Coordinate conversion: TViewer can automatically align its scanned data when tracker moves around the large-scale part by converting coordinates. It improves the efficiency for 3D scanning large-sized parts.

Super reposition: It uses both targets and common data to align the data, making the data collection more accurate for large-scale projects.

For vibration environments

For vibration environments

Dynamic tracking: TViewer features dynamic tracking for measuring in vibration environments such as factories and workshops. It can efficiently process the scanned data in real-time and ensure the measurement accuracy in vibration environments.

Hole inspection module

The hole inspection module enables automatic extraction of hole features, such as circles and machined holes. It ensures precise inspection and deliver repeatable results for values such as  position of holes and apertue.

Hole 3D Inspection Module

Inspection module

The inspection module allows various inspection tasks to be performed, such as creating geometric features, analyzing features, measuring distance, and analyzing geometric tolerances.

3D Inspection module

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High Flexibility

TViewer can be paired with Scantech’s optical 3D measurement systems, such as the TrackScan-P, TrackScan-Sharp, and TrackProbe, to perform accurate measurements of large parts over long distances.







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High-tech 3D Scanners

Scantech’s handheld 3D scanners power the 3D scanning services. These instruments can obtain precise point clouds, which can be triangulated into a polygon mesh or STL file.
Due to their high precision, versatility, and portability, they can fulfill various metrology-grade 3D scanning projects.


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