Composite 3D Scanner

Composite 3D Scanner

Ultra-high Precision Metrology 3D Scanner

KSCAN composite 3D scanner lineup is a series of professional, highly integrated, and portable 3D scanners. It is featured by an innovative “infrared laser + blue laser” scanning model, built-in photogrammetry system, and compatibility with portable CMM and automated 3D system. It delivers highly repeatable scanning results with great details in high efficiency. When it comes to measurement, it is suitable for both large-scale and tiny objects. These versatile handheld 3D scanners offer a competitive 3D solution for manufacturing, automotive, or other industries that need high-precise 3D data and want to optimize product lifecycle management.

KSCAN-Magic Series Composite 3D Laser Scanner

KSCAN-Magic Series Composite 3D Laser Scanner

Versatile 3D laser scanner designed for industry use, consists of five standard working modes, especially the global initiative infrared laser technology for super-wide measurement.

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SCANTECH 3D is a global leader in 3D scanning technology, providing non-contact measurement technology of the optical scanners coupled with precision measurement within product cycle times. Discover more Scantech 3D metrology solutions for you.

Are you looking for an industrial 3D laser scanner that can handle various scanning tasks, from large objects to small details, with high precision and portability? Then you should check out our KSCAN-Magic composite 3D scanner, which offers five scanning modes, easy operation, and unmatched performance.

To see how the different modes of KSCAN-Magic can meet your scanning needs in terms of speed, accuracy, resolution, and more, please check out the specifications below.

Accuracy Up to 0.020 mm (0.0008 in) Up to 0.020 mm (0.0008 in)
Scanning rate up to 2,700,000 measurements/s 4,150,000 measurements/s
Scanning area up tp 1440 mm × 860 mm (57.0 in × 33.9 in) 1440 mm × 860 mm (57.0 in × 33.9 in)
Resolution up to 0.010 mm (0.0004 in) 0.010 mm (0.0004 in)

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Scantech composite 3D scanner solution designed for unique needs of different industries

Find out how our metrology 3D scanner helps.

Scantech composite 3D scanner solution designed for  unique needs of different industries

Scantech metrology 3d scanner can be used for scanning large-scale size, curved and reflective surfaces, which helps improve quality control, streamline production processes, and ensure that manufactured products adhere to design specifications.

Scantech composite 3D scanner solution designed for  unique needs of different industries

Using Scantech metrology scanner scanner for scanning an endless screw to determine machining allowances and set the path for fine machining makes the machining preparation process more streamlined and precise.

Scantech composite 3D scanner solution designed for  unique needs of different industries

In this video, 3D scanning its rear wing for customized modification, so as to realize stronger downward force and better driving at high speeds.

Composite 3D Scanners for Aerospace and Automotive



Using a 3D mobile scanner that will capture the complex geometric characteristics of a given part is a great way to develop a CAD file when one is not available. Scantech high-quality 3D scanners help reverse engineer physical products with ease thanks to their high accuracy and efficiency.

Quality Control and Inspection

Scantech’s 3D scanners can play a crucial role in quality control and inspection processes. By rapidly capturing complete 3D data of aircraft components, manufacturers can ensure that parts adhere to precise specifications. Non-contact measurements also enable thorough inspection without damaging sensitive components.

Prototyping and Development

Scantech’s 3D scanners provide the necessary data for creating accurate 3D models that can be used for 3D printing complex prototypes, molds, and casting parts, which are integral in the development and testing phases.

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)

During aerospace maintenance and repair processes, accurate measurements are essential. Scantech’s handheld scanners can quickly capture data from difficult-to-reach areas, such as curved surfaces and turbine blades, aiding technicians in assessing damage, wear, and deviations.



The automotive industry can greatly benefit from advanced technologies like 3D scanning, especially for design, development, and production processes. Scantech’s high-precision 3D laser metrology scanning solutions can help speed up product development, enhance quality control, and boost overall efficiency in the automotive sector. Here are some examples that Scantech’s technology can transform and improve the automotive industry:

Product Development

3D scanning enables designers and engineers to capture precise measurements of automotive parts, allowing for faster prototyping, model creation, and iterative design improvements. This speedier development process helps automakers bring new car models to market more quickly.

Design Validation and Verification

Scantech’s 3D scanners assist in validating design concepts against real-world data. Designers and engineers can compare 3D scan data with CAD models to ensure that the manufactured parts match the intended design. This validation process reduces the likelihood of design flaws and costly errors.

Quality Control

Quality control is paramount in the automotive industry to ensure the safety and reliability of vehicles. Scantech’s 3D scanning solutions provide comprehensive and accurate data for inspecting components and identifying defects, deviations, or imperfections. This leads to improved overall product quality and reliability.

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