Revolutionizing Wind Power Industry: Enhancing Stator Frame Processing with 3D Scanning Technology

This blog will show you how Scantech’s tracking 3D scanner, TrackScan-Sharp, can help measure the stator frame precisely and efficiently and determine the machining allowances, which significantly enhances the quality and efficiency of subsequent processing.

27 Feb, 2024

How to Inspect Auto Sheet Metal Stamping Parts in the Era of New Vehicle Development

This blog will show you how Scantech’s 3D laser scanner AXE can help you inspect sheet metal stamping parts quickly, precisely, and easily. It can scan the whole shape of stamping parts in just a few minutes, and check it against the CAD model to find out its flush, deviation and deformation.

22 Feb, 2024

Navigating Extreme Terrain: Prodrive’s Utilization of 3D Scanning Tech in Motorsport

The remarkable capabilities of the TrackScan-Sharp, with its expansive measurement volume and advanced optical tracking, streamline the scanning process, enabling comprehensive surface scans without the need for frequent repositioning. This efficiency minimizes downtime and reduces the risk of errors, providing a seamless and accurate experience for race car inspection.

19 Feb, 2024

Revolutionizing Automotive Mold Manufacturing with Scantech’s 3D Scanning Solutions

Scantech’s 3D scanning technology provides a practical solution for accurately measuring and analyzing automotive molds, which can enhance the precision and quality of mold production, leading to better-fitting parts and more reliable vehicles.

15 Feb, 2024

Unlocking the Potential of 3D Body Scanning

Discover the transformative capabilities of 3D body scanning technology in capturing intricate human body details. Explore Scantech’s cutting-edge solutions.

10 Feb, 2024

What is structured light 3d scanning?

The functionality of structured light 3D scanning is rooted in utilizing optical techniques to project a series of uniformly intense beams, sequentially illuminating the object under measurement.

01 Feb, 2024

Inspection of Automotive Aluminum Casting Mold with TrackScan-P 3D Scanner

The quality of automotive casting molds, which are essential for making different parts of automobiles, can be enhanced by 3D scanning and inspection. This blog presents Scantech’s TrackScan-P, a 3D optical measurement system that can check the molds for any defects with high standards of accuracy, precision, and reliability.

26 Jan, 2024

Revolutionizing Precision in Industrial Manufacturing: Scantech’s Dynamic Trio Shines at NORTEC 2024

Scantech has made its inaugural participation in the NORTEC 2024 with the flagship portable 3D scanners, offering a fresh perspective on innovation and efficiency to the manufacturing industry.

26 Jan, 2024

How 3D Scanning Helped Preserve and Enhance Fence Panels of a Historic Site

This blog shows how new ornamental cast iron fence panels for a historic site were created with the help of 3D scanning. By using 3D scanning, this project avoided manual measurements and drawings, obtained accurate and comprehensive 3D data, and ensured the quality of the pattern and casting.

19 Jan, 2024

How We 3D Scanned Stamping Dies and Inserts Faster and Better Than Ever

Essential in automotive manufacturing, stamping dies and inserts pose measurement challenges due to intricate geometry and large quantities. Addressing this, our optical 3D measurement system, TrackScan-P, delivers a rapid, precise, and versatile solution, ensuring efficient scanning and maintaining high production quality standards.

13 Jan, 2024

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