Color 3D Scanner

Color 3D Scanner

Achieve Superior Colored 3D Data with Scantech’s Innovation

Experience a breakthrough in colored 3D data creation with Scantech’s innovative technology. Our high-quality color 3D scanners redefine the process by easily projecting color information onto digitized data. Say goodbye to challenges like dazzling lights and intricate hair scanning.

Scantech’s color 3D scanners employ an infrared VCSEL structured light, ensuring the safest and most comfortable 3D scanning experience. You can achieve superior colored 3D data that captures intricate details, providing a holistic approach to creating 3D models with precision in texture, size, and geometry.

iReal M3 Color 3D Scanner

iReal M3 Color 3D Scanner

iReal M Series Color 3D Scanner enables smooth 3D data acquisition in different applications, be it scanning humans or objects, inside or outside. iReal M brings professional 3D digitization solutions to 3D engineers, 3D designers, and scientific researchers to fulfill their demands of industrial design, art design, medical design, human body digitization, etc.

iReal 2E Color 3D Scanner

iReal 2E Color 3D Scanner

To collect highly accurate 3D models of objects with various textures, sizes, and geometry, iReal color 3D scanner applies super HD texture capturing algorithm. Expanded Vision for Effortless Smooth.

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SCANTECH 3D is a global leader in 3D scanning technology, providing non-contact measurement technology of the optical scanners coupled with precision measurement within product cycle times. Discover more Scantech 3D metrology solutions for you.

The iReal Color 3D Scanner by SCANTECH stands out as a versatile and invaluable tool for professionals across diverse fields. Its dual-mode functionality, seamlessly switching between infrared laser and structured-light modes, ensures adaptability for various applications, from scanning industrial components to capturing human body details, both indoors and outdoors.

Moreover, its integration of infrared speckle technology enhances its suitability for human body scanning, busts, full-body figures, and medium to large sculptures. To know more detailed information about iReal full color 3D scanner, please refer to the chart provided below.

iReal M3 Color 3D ScanneriReal M3 Color 3D Scanner
Light Sources Infrared Parallel Laser Lines Infrared VCSEL Structured Light
Max. Scanning Speed Up to 60 FPS 15 FPS
Max. Field of View 400 x 240 mm
(15.7 × 9.4 in)
580 x 550 mm
(22.8 × 21.7 in)
Point Distance 0.1-3 mm
(0.0039 in ~ 0.1181 in)
0.2-3 mm
(0.0079 in ~ 0.1181 in)

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Scantech Color 3D Scanner Solution Designed for Unique Needs of Different Industries

Find out how our color 3D scanner helps.

Scantech Color 3D Scanner Solution Designed for Unique Needs of Different Industries

Utilizing advanced technology like the Scantech KSCAN-Magic and iReal color 3D scanner, we’re meticulously digitizing a Memorial Relief Sculpture that pays homage to dedicated teachers. This high-precision process captures every intricate detail, resulting in a lifelike 3D model. This digital archive not only preserves their legacy but also enables us to produce final pieces and engage in 3D printing, ensuring their enduring impact lives on.

Scantech Color 3D Scanner Solution Designed for Unique Needs of Different Industries

The iReal Color 3D Scanner revolutionizes the scanning and pattern-making process. In just one minute, it captures precise whole-body scans, and the size information is automatically calculated, eliminating the need for manual measurements. Thanks to cutting-edge AI algorithms, personalized pattern-making becomes effortless, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique needs.

Scantech Color 3D Scanner Solution Designed for Unique Needs of Different Industries

By utilizing the SCANTECH iReal color 3D scanner, we can faithfully reproduce the intricate details of water conservation structures, reservoirs, and associated elements from the past. This technology allows us to create accurate 3D models that not only capture the structural aspects but also the visual nuances, textures, and colors of these historical scenes.

Color 3D Scanner for Non-industrial Areas

3D Printing

3D Printing

Scantech color 3D scanners are indispensable tools in 3D printing, as they facilitate the creation of accurate digital representations of real-world objects. Full color 3d scanner are able to capture both geometric shapes and realistic colors and textures, and they open up numerous possibilities for designers, engineers, artists, and anyone involved in the 3D printing process, enabling customization, reverse engineering, and the recreation of intricate, visually appealing objects.

Digitization of Real-World Objects

Color 3D scanners can capture the three-dimensional geometry, colors, and textures of physical objects in the real world. This capability is valuable in 3D printing as it allows users to create digital replicas of physical objects quickly and accurately. These digital models can serve as a foundation for 3D printing projects.

Reverse Engineering

Color 3D scanners are useful for reverse engineering applications in 3D printing. They can scan existing objects, whether they are prototypes, artifacts, or everyday items, and create precise digital representations. Designers and engineers can then modify or improve these models, adapt them for 3D printing, and manufacture replicas or variations.


In 3D printing, customization is a significant advantage. Scantech Color 3D scanners can scan objects that need to fit specific dimensions, such as custom-fitted prosthetics, orthodontic devices, or personalized fashion items. By capturing not only the shape but also the colors and textures, these scanners enable the creation of highly personalized and visually appealing 3D-printed objects.

Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage

The role of color 3D scanners in the preservation and restoration of cultural relics is significant. Cultural relics and historic collections are often delicate and require meticulous handling. Scantech’s color 3D scanners are employed to capture high-precision three-dimensional data of these objects without causing any harm or altering the physical condition of the cultural relic during the scanning process, thereby ensuring that the relics remain undamaged and their integrity is preserved.

Virtual Exhibitions

Color 3D scanned models of cultural relics can be used to create virtual exhibitions, making these artifacts accessible to a global audience. Virtual exhibits allow people to explore relics in detail, even if they cannot physically visit the museum or site where the artifacts are housed.

Restoration and Conservation

When restoring cultural relics, it is essential to have accurate reference data. Color 3D scans provide restorers with precise measurements and visual references, aiding them in the restoration process. This ensures that the relic is returned to its original state with the highest level of authenticity.

Remote Collaboration

Color 3D scanning allows experts and researchers from around the world to collaborate on the study and restoration of cultural relics. They can share high-quality 3D models and data, facilitating collaborative efforts in cultural preservation.

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